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FRENIC-NewVP Fuji inverter
FRENIC-NewVP Fuji inverter

FRENIC-NewVP Fuji inverter

Modification of Fuji inverter FRENIC-VP series for fans and pumps for China market

We inform you that Fuji Motor (China) Co., Ltd. is about to redesign the FRENIC-VP series of fans/pumps dedicated to the Chinese market.

1. modification purpose
The FRENIC-VP series is a transducer designed for the Chinese market for fans and pumps.
This time, in order to enhance the competitiveness of local manufacturers and European manufacturers in China, we have carried out a retrofit design, adding the optimal control function of air conditioning equipment. In addition, due to the use of the company's global marketing of general-purpose frequency converters, such as the same major components, but also reduce costs.
The series is a strategic model for the company to launch in the Chinese market. In the future, we will launch a positive sales offensive to air conditioning equipment and fan / pump manufacturers.

2. product characteristics
1) achieve optimal control of air conditioning equipment and improve energy efficiency.
Air conditioning equipment needs to precisely control the operation of cooling tower fan and cooling water pump according to the different flow rate, pressure and temperature of circulating cooling water. This product's standard accessory "Customized Logic" calculus has powerful functions, and achieves the optimal control of air conditioning equipment. The power consumption is also reduced by about 45% compared with the previous products.

The data are obtained from the 10 day measured results of cooling water pump equipment.

2) a more operable remote touch screen.
Communication touch screen (optional) can display "current value", "set value", "power consumption" and other information. Even away from the inverter host, it is possible to confirm and control the operation of the air conditioning equipment in time.
Applicable power Fuji inverter type Fuji inverter size (W * H * D)
3.7kW FRN0009F2S-4C 140mm x 130mm * 143mm
5.5kW FRN0013F2S-4C 180mm x 220mm * 158mm
7.5kW FRN0018F2S-4C 180mm x 220mm * 158mm
11kW FRN0023F2S-4C 180mm x 220mm * 158mm
15kW FRN0031F2S-4C 220mm x 260mm * 190mm
18.5kW FRN0037F2S-4C 220mm x 260mm * 190mm
22kW FRN0044F2S-4C 220mm x 260mm * 190mm
30kW FRN0059F2S-4C 250mm x 400mm * 195mm
37kW FRN0072F2S-4C 250mm x 400mm * 195mm
45kW FRN0085F2S-4C 326mm x 550mm * 261mm
55kW FRN0105F2S-4C 326mm x 550mm * 261mm
75kW FRN0139F2S-4C 361mm x 615mm * 276mm
90kW FRN0168F2S-4C 361mm x 675mm * 276mm
110kW FRN0203F2S-4C 361mm x 740mm * 276mm
132kW FRN0240F2S-4C 536mm x 740mm * 321mm
160kW FRN0290F2S-4C 536mm x 740mm * 321mm
200kW FRN0361F2S-4C 536mm x 1000mm * 366mm
220kW FRN0415F2S-4C 536mm x 1000mm * 366mm
280kW FRN0520F2S-4C 686mm x 1000mm * 366mm
315kW FRN0590F2S-4C 686mm x 1000mm * 366mm

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