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Present situation and development trend of Urban Intelligent Transportation
2017/6/18 9:36:39

According to the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau of statistics data show that, by the end of 2016, the number of vehicles to 290 million vehicles, including 194 million cars; motor vehicle driver 360 million, the driver of a car more than 310 million people, a large number of vehicles to bring enormous pressure on domestic traffic. Cause all sorts of problems of traffic and traffic accidents, such as traffic congestion, road accidents and city air pollution and other issues, has seriously impede the development of the city. Moreover, there is a trend that is gradually spreading from the first tier cities to the two or three tier cities, and is becoming more and more serious. There are three main reasons: one is the rapid growth of the number of vehicles exceeded the carrying capacity of the road, two failed to establish a traffic control mechanism (traffic collection, from traffic lights, traffic guidance, the agreement should be three) handle traffic violations and traffic congestion caused by a variety of lax (illegal parking, not according to the provisions of the lane traveling etc.).

The current situation of the development of Intelligent Transportation

In recent years, the pace of smart city construction in China continues to accelerate, the pilot work of the wisdom of the city is the country hundreds of places like a raging fire. According to the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of transport and other eight ministries drafted and reported to the State Council on promoting the healthy development of smart cities guidance, intelligent transportation is listed as one of the ten major areas of intelligent construction.

With more and more city began the construction of smart city and intelligent transportation, the intelligent traffic information system in the main city of our country has completed the laying of data acquisition equipment, and has been widely used. According to statistics and forecast by relevant organizations, the urban road intelligent transportation system invested 35 billion 600 million yuan in 2016. The increasing emphasis on local government construction of intelligent transportation system, intelligent traffic management part of the city has reached a higher level, city road traffic control system, off-site enforcement system, traffic signal system, traffic data collection system, traffic guidance system, ETC charging system, parking lot resources guidance system have completed the scale of construction. Traffic information publishing, parking guidance, traffic information push and other intelligent transportation system based services have been basically achieved.

The development trend of Intelligent Transportation

With a new generation of information technology development and the promotion of Internet plus, a new generation of intelligent transportation system will include sensor, communication system, peripheral facilities such as a new type of intelligent infrastructure, unmanned vehicles such as intelligent transportation, car sharing and other innovative services to meet the travel service system, intelligent logistics system and multi-level management system. Transportation will present entirely different features and provide diversified services. The future development of intelligent transportation presents the following trends:

Comprehensive perception of traffic infrastructure

Along with the development of car networking and networking technology, will achieve a comprehensive perception of the people on the roads, vehicles and roads, including the real-time running status, traffic flow data, field equipment status, all kinds of traffic violations, traffic facilities and monitoring the status quo control etc.. This information provides basic support for transportation applications and information services.

Comprehensive traffic control co operation

Facing the demand of real-time traffic control, integrated video, bayonet police, signal control, traffic detection, traffic guidance and other types of traffic system, to provide integrated traffic management means for the disposal of police intelligence, secret service management, vehicle management, key traffic illegal disposal. The intelligent traffic police command scheduling algorithm and deep integration business, providing decision support for traffic grooming and congestion warning dynamic dispatching, optimization of traffic organization and traffic information service, to provide technical support for effective command and control of city traffic and normal emergency condition.

Unmanned system security intelligence

With intelligent technology and Internet technology continues to improve, the unmanned vehicle is the future direction of transportation, this smart car will be detection, recognition, judgment, decision making, optimization, optimization, implementation, feedback, correction and control functions, continuous learning, summarize and improve the skills. In the future, we just need to move our tongue and lie in the car and wake up and arrive at our destination.


Intelligent traffic service open sharing

The application of as the mobile Internet, the intelligent transportation service a lot of innovation, such as network about cars, bike sharing, customized bus, great convenience for people to travel, the future unmanned technology matures, people can get more convenient travel services, direct use of leasing the way to travel, or to increase the capacity of public rental car travel way. Self owned vehicles will not be the most convenient and economical way to travel, which can greatly reduce road congestion, while parking problems can also be greatly alleviated.

Big data decision system scientific intelligence

Analysis of vehicle behavior

Using big data to analyze the vehicle data, can quickly realize the driver not wearing a seatbelt, mobile phone and other dangerous behavior judgment. Without the use of behavior analysis model can fast analysis of vehicle behavior, for example: the end result analysis, analysis, peer analysis, vehicle's vehicle deck collision analysis, regional analysis, vehicle trajectory analysis, for the first time into the city of hidden vehicle analysis.

Analysis of city traffic

By big data system for cleaning of all kinds of traffic data mining, comprehensive application, massive data on the depth of application and advanced applications. To reveal the regularity of the city transport, to provide a basis for reasonable development of transportation management measures, improve the decision-making ability of management; analysis of the traffic situation in the future direction for management personnel to carry out the pre sentence, provide support for preventive measures, improve the efficiency and overall road transportation safety management and control ability; to provide quantitative basis for the development of various types of traffic management plan and temporary control measures, to assist the executive effect evaluation and optimization, improve the overall level of traffic management.

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